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Union Blue Hockey is led by Head of Content Andy Newman, who has had a career spanning brand marketing, editorial, technology, and retail. Andy’s unique background includes experience from renowned organizations like Apple, startups including Big Cartel, and the Columbus Blue Jackets, where he started as an intern in the broadcasting department in 2007.

Spending three years with the Blue Jackets, Andy gained hands-on experience producing daily videos for Jackets TV – while helping launch one of the first YouTube channels in pro sports.

Andy was also an early contributor to The Cannon, a foundational blog in the Columbus Blue Jackets community. When The Cannon joined SB Nation in 2009, he helped with the launch of the SB Nation hockey network.

Andy wrote for The Cannon and volunteered as social editor, and later contributed as a guest columnist, from 2010-2019, and his hockey coverage has been featured by the NHL, Yahoo! Sports, Puck Daddy, and more.

Below is an old screenshot of the Blue Jackets home page featuring a photo of Andy Newman filming rink side with Blue Jackets broadcasters Bill Davidge and Danny Gare for a BlueJackets.com video feature:

Andy’s also written for The Atlantic, Headspace, and others on topics far and wide. He’s led teams large and small across filmmaking, web design, writing, social media, and more, with their work generating millions of monthly views. He’s also a Certified Small Giants Leader after graduating from the leadership development program in 2021.

A note from Andy:

My goal with Union Blue Hockey is to grow the community of people who consider themselves Blue Jackets fans.

You don’t need to know hockey to fall in love with the sport. Hockey is a game of strategy, physicality, analytics, and more – there are so many angles to cover the team, and mine is one view to help you understand it all.

To start, I’ll write about the Jackets from a columnist’s point-of-view, but with your support, I’d love to get back to covering training camp, the Traverse City Prospect Tournament, and other key dates on the CBJ calendar.

With enough interest, my goal is to make this a daily newsletter with original photography you can’t see anywhere else, videos, and more.

Whether you’ve watched the sport for years or just became curious about the Jackets, I hope to create a place for a new group of fans to gather and support our team.

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